OpenAccess Alliance Program

A commitment to provide an industry-leading security platform

The Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program is open to any manufacturer interested in developing a software interface to OnGuard. These organizations can develop interfaces based on the OnGuard API family, documentation for which can be found publicly on this site. Lenel factory certifies interfaces to validate to the market that program companies have developed legitimate, supportable interfaces which do not degrade OnGuard functionality.

The program was developed in the spirit of open architecture and Lenel’s commitment to providing an industry-leading security platform. We believe that customers are the ultimate decision makers and it is our responsibility to make available the open opportunity for manufacturers to develop interfaces that support mutual customers.

OAAP Benefits


Companies in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP) have several benefits. By using the OnGuard APIs, an OAAP company can provide a direct interface to their system that is developed, maintained and supported by that manufacturer, not Lenel. Whenever Lenel releases a new version of OnGuard, the OAAP company is welcome to re-certify their interface, allowing for the market to recognize Lenel’s quality testing which validates that the interface is stable, does not break any OnGuard functionality, and provides the customer with value purported by the OAAP company. These interfaces are marketable on a global scale, as Lenel has over 20,000 system users worldwide seeking solutions provided by OAAP companies.

No matter which level of membership a company qualifies for, the OpenAccess Alliance Program is open to any manufacturer looking to interface to OnGuard in the spirit of providing superior solutions to customers everywhere.

System Users

OnGuard users benefit from the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program by having the ability to select their brand of choice for any product application and knowing that Lenel provides a route for manufacturers to help realize the combined value of the systems. Users do not have to fear manufacturers being uncooperative due to proprietary architectures that would take heavy investments to realize synergy. With publicly documented APIs, the OnGuard system minimizes your risk by keeping your product selection decisions open and allowing you to select the solution that fits you best.