OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS)

Customize your front lobby experience.

OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS)


The LenelS2™ OnGuard® Visitor Self Service (VSS) iPad® app, implemented as an iPad kiosk service, simplifies the visitor management process and increases convenience for visitors, lobby attendants and hosts.

Part of the OnGuard system’s integrated visitor management solution, this intuitive application allows employees to pre-register visitors by emailing a barcode that gets scanned upon the visitor’s arrival. Extremely flexible, the VSS app can be customized based on an organization’s requirements, whether it’s documents that need to be signed or videos that need to be viewed as part of visitor protocol.

The VSS iPad app is designed for customers who prefer an 'unattended lobby' experience. Visitors interact directly with the app on-premise, with automated upload of pre-registered visitor details from the OnGuard system upon arrival, paving the way for a seamless experience.

Features & Functionality

  • Sleek, easy-to-use and customizable interface
  • Language options enable visitors to select preferred language at check-in
  • The OnGuard platform sends a barcode via eMail to pre-registered visitors upon arrival, enabling scanning via the iPad camera to pre-populate the visitor registration page in the VSS app
  • Pre-registration gives front desk and security personnel the information needed to keep the business secure
  • Support for the PDF417 barcode format enhances scalability and reliability.
  • Company compliance forms can be uploaded for the visitor to virtually sign during check-in
  • The OnGuard platform sends the host an email at visitor check-in, alerting them to visitor’s arrival 
  • Badge creation requires no additional image-capture hardware
  • New administrative policy settings enable the assigning of required documents based on visit type
  • Capability to upload a video as part of the required documentation for the visitor to view at sign-in
  • Ability to save an iPad image of the VSS configuration in the OnGuard system database, and download that image to any iPad