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Open to manufacturers interested in creating an OnGuard® interface, the OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP) embodies Lenel’s commitment to providing our customers with as many options as possible to create a security solution that perfectly meets their needs.

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The OAAP News page includes certification notices for all Lenel-approved OAAP integrations, as well as detailed product information for select interfaces.

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Select any option with complete confidence

Through the Lenel OAAP, OnGuard users not only gain a wealth of customizable solutions, but also the assurance that any interface they choose has been tested and certified by Lenel for stability and uninterrupted OnGuard functionality.

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Find complete API documentation

Download supporting documentation and introductory guides for OnGuard's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) supported by Lenel: OpenDevice (for hardware panels and devices integration), OpenVideo (for video integration) and DataConduIT (for bi-directional communication type of integration).

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Join a group of manufacturers to reach a global market of OnGuard users

Over a hundred companies have used the publicly documented OnGuard APIs to develop certified interfaces marketable to more than 20,000 system users worldwide. Get started with these step-by-step instructions, which include a link to the short online application.

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