Third Party Hardware Solutions



Allegion (NYSE: ALLE) helps keep people safe and secure where they live, work and visit. A leading provider of security products and solutions for homes and businesses, Allegion offers products under 23 global brands. Allegion specializes in security around the doorway and beyond: everything from residential and commercial locks, door closers and exit devices, steel doors and frames to access control and workforce productivity systems. Allegion is a $2 billion business employing more than 7,600 people and offering products in more than 120 countries across the world. Allegion’s portfolio includes strategic brands Schlage®, Von Duprin®; aptiQ®, and XceedID®.


Solution Details: Schlage AD-Series Integration

Schlage AD-Series locks seamlessly integrate with Lenel OnGuard® (version 6.6) to provide a cost effective and scalable access control solution. The AD-Series locks combine the components typically found around the door, such as the reader, door position switch and request-to-exit switch into one device that simplifies installation and saves money. The AD-Series is available in both hardwired and wireless configurations and provide key benefits of traditional EAC including real-time monitoring, audit trails, centralized lockdown and instant access control.

Three solution options are available:

  • AD-400 Wireless via RS-485; each LNL-3300 can support up to 64 AD-400 locks
  • AD-400 Wireless via PIM400-1501/LNL-2210 Intelligent Controller which can support up to 16 AD-400 devices over IP/PoE
  • AD-300 Hardwired via RS-485; each LNL-3300 can support up to 16 AD-300 locks
Solution Details: XCeed ID Credentials
  • XceedID® proximity technology is an easy, convenient access control solution. Proximity technology, which operates on 125 kHz frequency, is easily integrated into existing legacy proximity systems or ideal for a new installation. Proximity credentials can easily fit into a wallet or may be used as a strapped or clipped badge.
  • From highly durable clamshell-style cards, to basic ISO style cards, to keyfobs and adhesive patches, XceedID offers several different form factors to meet many different needs.
  • Proximity credentials by XceedID are compatible with all industry leading proximity readers and are also completely ISO compliant. These credentials also have a passive design, requiring no batteries or maintenance for the life of the card.
Solution Details: AptiQ Smart Credentials
  • Ideal for facilities with moderate to high security needs, aptiQTM smart credentials put you in control by delivering smarter solutions. Through the use of either MIFARE® or MIFARE DESFireTM EV1 technology, these credentials protect your most sensitive data by utilizing extra layers of security protection. Smart credentials can be used for many applications beyond access control including transit, cashless vending, and cafeteria point of sale.
  • Open architecture design is built on ISO 14443A/B standards, providing for a faster data transfer speed
  • Offered in clamshell, ISO style cards, keyfobs, and adhesive patches
  • Utilize MIFARE® or MIFARE DESFireTM EV1 technology
Solution Details: AptiQ Smart Readers
  • aptiQTM Multi-Technology Readers not only feature cutting-edge security technology, but are transforming basic access control products into all-in-one solutions, providing customers with convenience and options.
  • Each of these sleek readers handle all applicable ISO standards (14443A, 14443B, 15693), are FIPS 201-1 compliant, and are versatile enough to read 125 kHZ proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards. aptiQTM Multi-Technology Readers interface with aptiQTM smart cards (MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE DESFireTM EV1), are NFC compatible, and can read the card serial numbers of a variety of smart cards from other manufacturers, making your next upgrade in technology simple and seamless.
Solution Details: Schlage Scramble Keypad
  • The SERlll-W Scramble Keypad is a keypad reader designed to prevent onlookers from detecting the PIN code being entered.

The LED’s display a randomly allocated set of numbers from 0 to 9. The position of the numbers change every time the keypad is activated. Only the user standing directly in front of the keypad can see the scrambled digits.