Third Party Hardware Solutions



Iris ID Systems’ IrisAccess™ platform is the world’s largest deployed iris recognition solution and authenticates the identity of more people than all other iris recognition solutions combined. Iris ID Systems’ involvement in iris recognition began in 1997 with the introduction of the first generation IrisAccess™. Formally known as the Iris Technology Division of LG Electronics, Iris ID Systems’ solutions are deployed in virtually every market from access control to border checkpoints. Iris recognition is widely accepted as the most accurate biometric authentication method and combined with UTC solutions, can offer the most accurate authentication platform.


Iris ID Systems’ IrisAccess™ platform, combined with UTC solutions, can make a positive identification much faster and more accurately then alternative biometric solutions. IrisAccess is well proven in both “one to many / 1:N” authentication on databases in the millions of persons as well as in “one to one / 1:1” verification solutions combined with cards or pins. OnGuard’s leading edge integration for encoding smartcards with iris templates further sets the solution apart for discerning small, medium and even global enterprise/government customers. The virtually 99.999% success rate observed over years of deployments has reduced problems in the field for customers around the world who are serious about biometric authentication.