Otis Integration

Compass ICD V3 and CompassPlus Support

Otis Integration


With sophisticated floor access and traffic management features, Otis CompassPlus and V3 Virtual Panel deliver a new level of security and convenience to the OnGuard® access control system. The integration enables validation of credentials and secure floor access based on OnGuard privileges, as well as secure perimeter access to elevator banks. It also facilitates enhanced elevator traffic management, resulting in less crowding, shorter wait times and reduced energy costs. Otis integration includes additional support for Compass-based readers, visitor management, ID badging and access management.


  • Enables validation of credentials and secure floor access based on occupant’s privileges from within the OnGuard system
  • Ensures secure perimeter access to elevator banks
  • Offers assignment of secure floor access based on user access privileges/date/time and the ADA (American Disability Act) association of permissions
  • Facilitates traffic management based on user, resulting in reduced wait and travel times, less crowding and increased efficiency
  • Provides audit trail of all transactions and comprehensive support for investigations
  • Ensures the widest array of reader devices to comply with customer need
  • Supports Compass-based visitor management, identification/badging, video surveillance & recording and access management features within the OnGuard system
    • Offers centralized monitoring for a coordinated response
    • Enables automation of system-defined linkages for increased productivity