Unified. Mobile.
OnGuard® 7.5 delivers.

Evolving to meet your ever-changing needs

Always evolving, OnGuard version 7.5 provides enhanced access control and management options, robust cybersecurity and increased browser-based solutions. Web and mobile optimized, OnGuard 7.5 also offers a comprehensive visitor management solution as well as enhancements to its clients, modules and apps. In addition to the new improvements to OnGuard, BlueDiamond Mobile version 2.1 now gives users convenient, hands-free access into and throughout buildings. For unparalleled security flexibility and ease of use—OnGuard 7.5 delivers at every level.

Next generation visitor management solution

The OnGuard 7.5 visitor management suite provides a comprehensive solution and seamless integration across a range of devices and experiences, recognizing varied customer preferences for visitor management. While the OnGuard Visitor Self Service mobile app supports the unattended lobby, the new browserbased OnGuard Visitor client delivers a concierge-like experience, freeing up front desk attendants to engage with visitors, capture their photo and even print their badge on the spot.

Enhanced cloud-based capabilities

OnGuard 7.5 now offers support for Platform as a Service (PaaS) components through Microsoft® Azure® cloud-hosting platform. Azure not only provides OnGuard 7.5 customers with an array of services, from data storage to utility computing, it also allows them to take advantage of two critical platform capabilities: specifically, Microsoft Active Directory for user management, and Microsoft SQL Server for database services, including licensing.

Hassle-free access with BlueDiamond mobile 2.1

Designed to increase mobility while maintaining security, a new BlueDiamond feature allows users to activate their mobile credentials without removing their phone from their pocket or bag. This hands-free feature is made possible by the incorporation of updated BlueDiamond firmware, which will now also be incorporated into a wireless Assa Abloy lock, PN120, which enables the lock to work seamlessly with the BlueDiamond mobile app, while simplifying installation.

Security video and access control unification

Offering unified video support within OnGuard Monitor client, OnGuard 7.5 now provides a mobile way to view video, allowing users to remotely monitor live Lenel® Network Video Recorder (LNVR) video, customize video feeds, and view live and recorded video associated with alarm events. Lenel also continues to make enhancements to its partnership with Milestone Systems, investing in more ways to advance their OnGuard integration, with a sustained focus on providing best-of-breed video.

Taking cybersecurity to the next level

Cybersecurity enhancements new to OnGuard 7.5 include support for third-party authentication solutions, providing a wide range of identity verification options for users logging into OnGuard via the OpenID® Connect standard. For OnGuard internal user accounts, new rules have been added for enhanced password complexity and expiration.

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