Making consultants' lives easier every day

Security needs are constantly evolving, and consultants are at the forefront in designing these unique and cutting edge solutions. Lenel offers a wide variety of products to meet the ever changing security landscape and all are predicated on the idea of open architecture and integration, providing both freedom and growth. From concept to implementation, Lenel has a team of dedicated personnel to assist consultants, architects and engineers in developing their system specifications. Lenel's consultant support services group provides a single point of contact, making working with Lenel as easy as possible.

Consultant Tools

The Consultant Tools section of the Lenel website offers consultants, architects and engineers the perfect online resource for assisting with Lenel project specifications and design. Consultant Tools is a single repository from which to obtain the latest information about the complete Lenel product offerings, whether it be Access Control, Video, Visitor Management or Identity Management. Designed with consultants' needs in mind, the web site has the latest product specifications, CAD drawings, Visio icons, video tools, third party resources and more.

Consultant Education

Understanding complete product functionality is vital for proper system design. With this in mind, Lenel's consultant support services group offers a wide variety of training options for consultants, architects and engineers to provide better understanding of all the features of Lenel's different products. Lenel's consultant training is flexible with options including web based training, office presentations, or hands on education.

Consultant Education Topics
  • OnGuard® overview
  • OnGuard update training
  • Lenel Video offerings
  • Lenel Access Control
  • Visitor Management

Case Studies

OnGuard systems have been deployed worldwide for over 18,000 unique organizations. Many of these projects have grown exponentially since their inception. OnGuard Users span a large spectrum of markets and sectors, ranging from petrochemical plants, universities, international airports, to government installations.


Consultants can also visit the Partner Center for more resources and support.