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    GEMOS adv PSIM - A company providing advanced PSIM (Physical security information management) solutions. Advanced PSIM solution (Brand and manufacturer neutral) based on own hardware, software and access control system development, made in Germany.
    Digitus offers a wide range of locking solutions for server cabinets, including biometric, RFID and PIN authentication. Choose between single-factor and dual-factor handles.
  • Pevco Atlas
    Pevco Atlas, the next generation pneumatic tube delivery management software suite.
  • Razberi ServerSwitch IQ and Core Appliance
    Razberi develops open platform server switches that combine a network video recorder, a PoE switch, storage and video management software (VMS) into one easy-to-use and easy-to-install appliance.
  • Automated Logic (ALC)- WebCTRL
    WebCTRL®, Automated Logic’s web-based building automation system, is known for its intuitive user interface and powerful integration capabilities. It allows building operators to optimize and manage all of their building systems - including HVAC, lighting, fire, elevators, and security – all within a single HVAC controls platform. It’s everything they need to keep occupants comfortable, manage energy conservation measures, identify key operational problems, and validate the results.
  • IX-DA Camera
    Aiphone IX-DA is an IP based intercom camera that allows live video/audio streaming from the door station into the IX master station, LNVR, and OnGuard applications.
  • FLIR IP Cameras
    FLIR's D and PT-Series of high-performance, multi-sensor pan/tilt cameras bring thermal and visible-light imaging together in a system that gives the end user video and control over both IP and analog networks.
    FLIR Event Gateway
    FLIR IP Cameras like FC-Series or A310pt are capable of generating Alarms based on events associated to capabilities such as Video Analytics, Temperature Measurement, or discrete I/O.
  • Pelco IP Cameras Sarix Series
    Sarix IP based cameras are a revolutionary approach to video security. Sarix is a complete familyof box, dome and mini-dome cameras. The family includes both standard and high definition models, Controllable P/T/Z domes, Indoor, Outdoor, and Vandal resistant models.
    Vingtor-Stentofon CP-CAM is a small camera for building into an IP-intercom, converting the total station into a video intercom.
    VINGTOR-STENTOFON Turbine Compact Intercom Video (TCIV)
    The VINGTOR-STENTOFON Turbine Compact Intercom Video station, (TCIV), provides a dynamic HD-quality solution that is flexible, expandable and easily integrated.
  • WinGuard
    WinGuard is an open software platform linking diverse security, building management and communication systems of different manufacturers.
  • IPSecurityCenter
    IPSecurityCenter connects and manages disparate building and security technologies such as video surveillance, life critical systems, radar, analytics, HVAC, PIDS, GPS tracking and GIS mapping. Through aggregating intelligence from these systems, it allows organizations to react faster and more precisely to incidents.
  • Spectrum
    The customer can configure DW Spectrum to trigger actions when event information is received from OnGuard. The customer can now secure, unlock, and pulse readers from DW Spectrum.
  • Control Center Integration
    Control Center is IndigoVision’s complete suite of management software. It acts as a unified interface to efficiently manage live and recorded video, as well as events and alarms.
  • Intergraph I/Alarm Plus
    Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s I/Security software suite delivers physical security information management, situational awareness, and decision support. Security personnel can view and intelligently act on information from large-scale alarm, sensor, and video deployments. Seamless integration with the industry-leading Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) enables comprehensive incident management.
  • TaaS
    The TaaS application offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, and intrusion detection.
  • Aegis
    Aegis Intelligent Integration Software integrates OnGuard Access Control with customers’ legacy and new security systems into one seamless advanced user interface. It provides real-time status of events across enterprise or local networks providing excellent situational awareness.
  • MicroStrategy Usher
    Usher is a mobile identity platform that delivers biometric caliber security to every application and business process across the enterprise.
  • Motorola CommandCentral Aware
    CommandCentral Aware aggregates and integrates streaming video, real-time alerts, advanced data analytics, resource tracking, social media analytics, voice, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), records information and more into a single, intuitive interface with layered geospatial mapping.
  • Network Harbor LightHouse
    LightHouse users can control and monitor door, input, and output functions of OnGuard devices, including lock/unlock doors, change access mode, handle alarms, view card read history (including badge images), activate outputs, bypass and monitor inputs. LightHouse users can also search OnGuard cardholder database and retrieve cardholder data fields (filtered by permissions).
  • Proximex Surveillint Integration Module for OnGuard
    The Integration Module enables Surveillint to bi-directionally communicate and integrate OnGuard with the Surveillint platform. With the integration module, alarms generated from OnGuard are delivered, synchronized and displayed through the Surveillint client software user interface. Access control devices and associated alarms can be connected and correlated with other related sensors, such as live video, recorded video, maps, response tasks, etc. The Integration Module enables the OnGuard access control devices to be viewed as icons in the map and the associated alarms to be viewable and managed through the Surveillint client.
  • Cayuga SEI Plugin
    Cayuga is video management system (software) for security purposes as well as for process documentation and investigation.
    Qognify VisionHub
    VisionHub extends core video management system (VMS) capabilities with additional functionality and an improved browser enabled user experience. This redefines how operators use and leverage video to manage security. And then it goes beyond video management by fortifying it with enhanced situational awareness and incident management capabilities.
    Qognify Situator
    Qognify Situator is a situation management software platform that enables situation planning, response and analysis for the security, safety and emergency markets where the risk of human error can lead to financial loss, injury and damage to public image. By integrating and correlating information from multiple and diverse systems across the organization and coordinating response actions, Qognify Situator ensures that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening and what to do.
  • SIS Data Receiver
    SIS Data Receiver allows receiving and acknowledging alarm type events from OnGuard then relay them to a dispatching system for further processing.
  • Immix-Video Integration
    SureView by SureView Systems is software that operates in a private command center and consolidates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface.
  • Synectic Systems Group Synergy
    Synergy is an Enterprise class, Integrated Security Management Platform bringing together all facets of your security operation into a single consistent user interface. Designed with ease of use at the forefront, Synergy supports open standards based products to be integrated via ONVIF, PSIA, OPC, MODBUS etc. along with a wide range of proprietary interfaces to the world's leading security vendors.
  • Tyco Security Products- Victor Video Management
    Tyco Security Products is a unified group of world-leading access control, video, location based security and intrusion brands. Our security integration platforms, built by our developers from across all product disciplines, allow our customers to see more, do more, and save more.
  • Vidsys RiskShield
    RiskShield is an advanced software solution offering comprehensive capabilities for the identification, resolution and tracking of security-relevant situations. After situations of interest are identified based on pre-defined business rules in the Open PSIM Platform, they are presented in RiskShield with other active situations.
  • Amika Mobility Server
    Amika Mobile has developed the worlds first WiFi-integrated emergency mass notification system that can auto-discover networked user devices and target alerts to their location individually, as a group or en masse. The Amika Mobility Server (AMS) is a software platform that can be installed for on-premise use or hosted services. It is fully scalable for both small and large deployments to hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Everbridge Safety Connection OnGuard Connector
    The Everbridge OnGuard Connector is targeted at integrating Everbridge’s event-based alarming system with Lenel OnGuard security system.
  • IX Series
    The IX Series is a network-based communication and security system featuring video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations, and paging. The system features our first app, the IX MOBILE. All units and app in the systems can unlock doors remotely on a network, assist onsite visitors from an offsite location, broadcast emergency announcements, and communicate using a PoE network.
  • CIAS
    CIAS is a manufacturer of perimeter protection solutions, such as microwave digital barriers, transceivers and 3D MEMS fence sensor systems.
  • Commend Intercom Server
    Commend’s Intercom solution based on Intercom Server Software provides a full range of hard- and software servers which connect analog, digital and VoIP based Intercom Stations. Standardized interfaces enable seamless integration of third party systems such as video and access control, PBX and VoIP systems, graphical user interfaces and many more. By use of eHD audio technology, Commend systems provide perfect speech intelligibility in all situations and even noisy and loud environments.
  • Fiber SenSys Fiber Defender
    Fiber SenSys is the world’s leader in fiber-optic intrusion detection systems. The Fiber Defender Processing Units (APUs) is a fiber-optic intrusion-detection platform designed to detect intruder attempts to cross a perimeter. More than 12,000 Fiber SenSys Fiber Defender® Alarm Processing Units have been installed along with over 4,000,000 meters of fiber-optic sensing cable at the most critical sites around the globe.
  • Future Fibre Technologies Central Alarm Monitoring System
    Central Alarm Monitoring system for fiber optic intrusion detection system for the securing and protection of perimeters, critical infrastructure, high value assets and communication links.
  • Hedengren HHL
    In 1987, the first HHL intruder alarm panel was launched. The fifth generation of the panel offers burglary protection integrated with access control for all our customers' properties. The second to none addressable buss line technology of HHL panels provides a reliable solution for the customer. All HHL panels have been certified to the highest class 4 of EU standards.
  • MCE Sentry
    MCE Sentry Proxy enables 3rd party security companies to interface with MCE's iCue elevator dispatcher in order to support Destination Based Dispatching with access control integration.
  • Senstar Network Manager Service
    Senstars Network Manager Service is the software gateway which allows communication with a wide array of Senstar sensors including the OmniTrax buried cable sensor, FlexPS fence sensor, FlexZone fence sensor, ltraWave microwave, XField electrostatic sensor, and FiberPatrol. The integration with OnGuard provides two-way communications OnGuard not only can receive alarm and status information from Senstar sensors but can also control associated relay contacts and internal control points such as self-test controls within the sensors. Using the alarm information received from the Network Manager Service the full range of OnGuard system security responses can be initiated including commanding camera actions and providing visual and audio alerts.
  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator System
    ThyssenKrupp Elevator supplies elevators for buildings of all kinds. ThyssenKrupp Elevator range includes passenger, bed and freight elevators with traction or hydraulic drive. ThyssenKrupp Elevator capabilities are rounded out by high-quality, customer-oriented service as well as individual maintenance and modernization packages.
  • Zenitel IC-Edge™
    Zenitel’s new intelligent communications platform, IC-EDGE™, provides OnGuard® users with a simple and powerful way to incorporate voice communications into their unified security strategy.
    Zenitel ICX Platform (AlphaCom XE)
    Zenitel ICX is an audio server offering advanced communication and control capabilities. It provides the voice of security.
  • Federated and Integrated Solutions for Credentialing (FISC)
    Birdi System, Inc.’s (BSI’s) Federated and Integrated Solutions for Credentialing (FISC) centralizes and automates credentialing, identity, and access profile management processes by providing a central platform that integrates with other security systems.
  • Cohesion
    For real estate owners who want to increase their portfolio value, Cohesion is an Intelligent Building Platform that connects operations, systems and people, providing the most actionable insights in the market to reduce costs, enhance tenant experiences and increase operational transparency.
  • Detrios LLC
    DAX delivers schedule driven access to provide intelligently secured spaces.
  • Infinity Identity and Badge Management
    Infinity Badge Module provides enforcement of standardized rules and required data validation for badge and site access to federal facilities including cleared and uncleared US Citizens, Foreign Nationals, and Visitors.
  • TruCredential
    Entrust DatacardTM TruCredential software suite is a solution for creating, issuing and managing secure ID cards and credentials. The software allows organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements – from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials.
  • HID Global SAFE
    HID SAFE Suite is an enterprise software to manage and streamline security identities, compliance and events across disparate physical security systems.
  • AirportICE
    There are several business rules and security mandates that are unique to airport Pass & ID offices. AirportICE is designed to meet these evolving requirements. In addition to creating tamper resistant identification cards, AirportICE forces and tracks compliance with security policies, insures business rules are not arbitrarily or maliciously circumvented, enables facilities to utilize the latest technology in credential management, and allows the tracking of security related assets. The AirportICE database also serves as a central repository for all data related to the cardholder and that cardholder’s employer.
    QACCESS PRO combines all the physical access control management and control features in a single system for maximum security. Well-known companies successfully use this unique solution. QACCESS application combined with OnGuard guarantees a fully automatic authorization process during access level assignment, change in employee profile, and employee termination.
  • RightCrowd
    RightCrowd provides the "glue" between your existing OnGuard implementation and Enterprise Business systems by enabling a converged approach to enhancing and automating the security, safety and compliance of your workforce and visitors. RightCrowd modules can be selected to enhance Cardholder processes, through to implementing Visitor Management and Occupational Health & Safety solutions, to integration with SAP® or other Enterprise systems. Ensure that everyone on site is right with RightCrowd Enterprise.
  • Safetrust Credential Manager
    Safetrust Credential Manager Connector for OnGuard works with the Safetrust Credential Manager to allow automated provisioning and synchronizing of cardholders and badges from the OnGuard service to the Safetrust Credential Manager service.
  • Sharry Workplace
    Sharry Workplace is consisting of two parts, delivered to each building. Mobile application (white label) and web administration. Mobile app (released for both Android and iOS) is meant for everyday building users. Web administration is meant for property and facility management and tenant admins.
  • Soloinsight Inc.
    CloudGate is a modular Physical Identity and Access Management platform designed to manage physical and logical identities and credentials of employees, visitors, vendors, contractors and drivers. CloudGate unites global identities from disparate physical and logical access control systems to provide compliance and continual risk assessment from a centralized platform. The modular workflow engine of CloudGate allows for simplistic automation of complex processes thus aligning identities with properly controlled access across global organizations.
  • Traka Web
    Traka provides solutions to many market sectors for controlling the access to keys and valuable pieces of equipment, while providing an audit of every key or piece of equipment used, when taken and returned, and most importantly by whom.
    Traka has a solution for every market sector. It has the ability to be networked and electronically control access to all keys and/or valuable assets, within an organization. Traka32 software provides a detailed audit of every key or piece of equipment used and software change that has occurred. With the integration Cardholders can be assigned access to either a single key or groups of keys, with OnGuard Access Levels, the same way they are assigned access to doors. All Traka Events/Alarms transfer across into Alarm Monitoring. Traka also supports Anti-Passback and can require a key be taken or returned before access is granted to selected doors/access levels.
  • CaptureTech
    CaptureTech is the leader in asset and key management solutions. Our Key and Locker Management products integrate with OnGuard, providing real-time tracking of key and asset transactions and movements as well as control over which employees and visitors have access to those assets.
  • proxSafe Commander
    proxSafe is an electronic key management system for managing physical keys.
    Secure access control and safekeeping of sensitive assets (e.g. keys, electronic equipment, medicines, car keys, work equipment, tools, weapons, documents etc.) against unauthorized access, loss, manipulation and abuse during daily transfer processes.
  • KEYPer Systems
    KEYper® Systems is a global company committed to providing you with the best solutions in key storage and key management systems, padlock management for your “lock out / tag out” procedures, and asset control of equipment. KEYper® Systems offer multiple products that utilize a key box to manage and control keys and take the worry off your plate of who has the keys! Key control is a number one security issue for any industry, let KEYper Systems key boxes and key management systems give you the key control you need.
  • Key Systems Global Facilities Management System
    Key Systems, Inc is the leader in asset and key control. Key Systems, Inc products integrate with OnGuard through GFMS software, providing real-time tracking of key and asset transactions and movements as well as control over which employees and visitors have access to those assets.
  • Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher Touch
    KeyWatcher Touch Key Management System brings all new advanced software, and a bright 7" touch screen to the industry-leading KeyWatcher key control system. The new, easy-to-use interface allows users to remove and return keys more efficiently, as well as locate keys in the system, or discover who might have it out, via the KeyFind feature. The all new advanced software utilizes a KeyWatcher Server application that manages the systems, and provides a 3rd party interface allowing for integration with access control systems.
    INEX TECHNOLOGIES designs, develops and manufactures comprehensive hardware/software solutions for license plate recognition and vehicle identification. INEX TECHNOLOGIES’s ALPR & vehicle identification technology accurately captures license plate data from passing vehicles in real-time, for any plate, any ambient lighting, any weather condition, and for vehicle speeds of up to 150 mph.
  • Micropak
    Since 2001, SURVISION is a global leader in License Plate Recognition (LPR) with more than 20,000 sensors deployed.
  • Alutel Mobile
    Customers can now use mobility devices like Handheld and computer devices to register accesses into OnGuard. The system provides full OnGuard integration which effectively adds the mobility capability to OnGuard readers.
  • Piko VMS, Cook Command Center Case Management
    This product facilitates the integration of OnGuard with Cook Security Group’s Piko VMS and Cook Command Center (CCC) Case Management products.
  • Live Earth
    Live Earth is a real-time, location intelligence platform that transforms sensitive, enterprise data into advanced situational awareness and actionable insights.
  • MASterMind
    MASterMind monitoring is a world-recognized monitoring center software, regarded for its unparalleled alarm processing capabilities and proven system reliability. It provides security and monitoring personnel an advanced set of tools based on the latest developments in information and security technology. When downtime is not acceptable and reliability is key, MASterMind Monitoring delivers.
  • Guard RFID Argus AllGuard
    Argus RFID software platform is middleware software used to collect and process data from RFID hardware (proprietary and third party). Argus applies various business rules on collected data, stores and manages system events in database and communicates information to client applications (proprietary and third party). Proprietary client applications (TotGuard, SafeGuard, AllGuard) with the rest of the system provide perimeter protection, location and tracking for people and assets.
  • STANLEY Healthcare MobileView
    MobileView provides a simple, yet powerful means of tracking the location, status and condition of assets and people. As part of MobileView abilities, an event engine is embedded, which allows to trigger configurable event types entrance / exit, overflow shortage, dwell / absence, temperature, humidity, motion, par level, tag battery level, and more. The events notifications may be sent externally as Web Services, email, http post, JMS queue, phones, pagers, and XML.
  • Proxy Mobile Readers
    OnGuard users will be able to synchronize their OnGuard user names, email, and credential with Proxy Mobile Access, enabling Proxy to work with their LenelS2 OnGuard System. Once installed, users will be able to add users, remove access, change access levels all from their OnGuard system, and will be automatically synced with their Proxy mobile access.
  • ASSA ABLOY SARGENT Profile Series
    ASSA ABLOY intelligent IP-enabled access control solutions take advantage of open standard network infrastructure to provide advanced security and easier, more cost-effective installations. Built on a proven ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 lock platform and available with full iCLASS credential authentication, they ensure reliable communication, advanced management capabilities, and real-time alarm notification. Power over Ethernet (PoE) access control solutions are IEEE 802.3af compliant and utilize the existing Local Area Network (LAN) to deliver both power and data in a single Ethernet cable. WiFi-enabled solutions leverage an existing 802.11b/g wireless network, significantly reducing installation time and enabling access control in hard-to-wire locations.
    ASSA ABLOY Corbin Russwin
    ASSA ABLOY intelligent IP-enabled access control solutions take advantage of open standard network infrastructure to provide advanced security and easier, more cost-effective installations.
  • Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx Wireless Locks
    Alarm Lock is a leader in access and egress solutions for education, healthcare, government, retail, airports & industry. Field-proven wireless Trilogy Networx access locks provide up to 5000 users access control with PIN or built-in HIDProx reader for ID badges, at a cost-savings of 1/3 that of a hardwired access solution. Wirelessly networked for updates, lock scheds. and audit log queries, etc., they eliminate door-to-door operations and can be used as a wireless intelligent edge device. Available in Grade 1 Cylindrical, as well as Mortise models in choice of architectural finishes & leversets, they feature unprecedented, years of long battery life and up to 2000 locks can securely communicate via 802.11B/G or Ethernet over a single 900MHz Bidirectional Gateway for more equipment cost savings.
  • Alutel Virtual Zone
    Alutel Virtual Zone gives the opportunity to generate events of vehicles like cars, buses or trucks when they pass through a determinate street or region without having physical facilities. It makes access events of GPS devices and handhelds when they cross the gates virtually created. Its events are transmitted to Alarm Monitoring. It has two Custom Options on Alarm Monitoring: “Live Tracking” to watch the GPS devices near the zone and “Define Virtual Gate” to define the zone anywhere worldwide. For buses, combining Alutel Virtual Zones and Alutel Mobile you can benefit from the deferred events, giving information like when the persons gets in the bus, when the bus gets to a particular Zone, and which persons enter that Zone.
  • BEST Offline Locks
    Customers shall have the ability to administer BEST Offline locks with the OnGuard Software Application. The customer shall have the ability to configure offline panels that support offline readers within the OnGuard user interface.
    BEST Access Systems STANLEY Wi-Q
    The Wi-Q wireless access control system consists of lock controllers, single door controllers, wireless interfaces to connect the lock controller to the control software, and the control software. It supports both Magnetic and Proximity card readers.
  • BioConnect Enterprise
    Choosing your access system is regarded as one of the most important security decisions you will make. Biometrics don’t need to be managed as a disparate system. BioConnect Enterprise makes it easy and cost effective to integrate the top biometric access control readers with Lenel's OnGuard software. With simple, secure and scalable features and functions, it is tailor-made for enterprises where verifying the true identity of people is critical for secure access to both physical facilities and software applications.
  • EyeLock Identity Suite
    EyeLock Integration with OnGuard Application to capture and manage iris biometric templates.
  • Guard RFID Tag Reader Controller
    Tag Reader Controller (TRC-LNL) together with Tag Exciter (TE) enables long range detection of active RFID tags (attached to people or objects), at distances of 2 - 30 feet.
  • HIK-Gateway
    The DS-K5603-Z Face Recognition Terminal adopts a deep learning algorithm, which helps to recognize the faces faster and more accurately. It also supports multiple authentication modes: 1:N face picture match, etc.
  • MorphoManager
    MorphoManager by IDEMIA is a biometric enrollment and device management client/server software that is simple to setup and use.
  • KABA evolo Alliance
    The solution is operated and monitored by a centralized and integrated software platform, providing the system administrator with a simple solution for managing the access control requirements of the business.
  • Precog
    MOBSS handheld RFID and barcode credential readers for use at access control points and for wireless mustering, vehicle-mounted rider registration, and meeting/event management.
  • SekureID Xenio Smart Devices
    Smart Biometric Access Control Readers. Designed for today’s real world challenges. Our smart readers are equipped with the world’s top biometric (fingerprint/iris/face) technology, with the ability to efficiently verify a user’s biometric, lightning fast, and regardless of the environmental conditions including outdoor/harsh environments.
  • Smart Media Innovations Mobile ID
    SMI Mobile ID (also known as SMVS SMI Mobile Verification System) provides mobile verification of a card holder and the display of card holder details on a mobile device. The read is then recorded at the OnGuard system.
  • StoneLock StoneLock Pro
    Stone Lock® Pro is a Facial Recognition device used for access control providing users with an intuitive, frictionless access control experience while maintaining a highly secure environment. Stone Lock® Pro is proven to meet the most stringent Security Professional requirements as a robust, reliable and versatile solution. Stone Lock® Pro requires users to merely approach facing the Faceplate. Once detected, a user’s face is flooded with safe Near-infrared light and over 2000 points are measured verifying that the user is enrolled in less than a second making it ideal for high –throughput areas managed by turnstiles. All real-time events (successful and denied) are logged with a simple jpeg and time stamped with the secondary credential if one is used.
  • Telaeris XPressEntry: Mobile Access Control
    Telaeris XPressEntry is an Integrated Mobile Access Management and Mustering Solution. It provides interfaces for a desktop server, handheld devices and tablets.
  • Umbo Light 1.0.0
    Umbo Light can now alert you of tailgating events when it sees someone inappropriately entering the premises by following someone else through an access controlled door. Light does this by comparing the number of people passing through a door with the number of successful card swipes it recorded at that door. Requiring just one connected Umbo camera, you can enable tailgating alerts for any eligible door using our TruePlatform cloud interface. Simply associate a camera with a door and draw an arrow on the screen showing which direction to track.
  • VisionLabs Face Recognition
    VisionLabs Face Recognition AC Plug-in provides face recognition functionality for OnGuard.
  • BioPack
    BioPack integrates OnGuard with ZKTeco SpeedFace (aka ProFace X) biometric readers which provide body temperature and mask detection, in addition to, face, palm, and fingerprint recognition.
    ZKTeco USA Opera Reader Series
    The Opera Reader Series consists of models OP-200 (fingerprint + card reader) and OP-400 (face + card reader). Opera readers are next-generation biometric readers designed specifically for Lenel customers. Opera readers are the industry’s first biometric readers which communicate directly with OnGuard but without needing middleware.
  • ievo Ltd
    ievo Ltd is an independent UK based biometric company that focuses on the design, manufacture and distribution of reliable and innovative biometric fingerprint recognition products.
  • LinQ Dashboard
    Altronix LinQ Dashboard is a powerful, convenient and intuitive IP communication software solution to remotely monitor, report, and control any combination of individual or multiple groups of products across any number of locations and systems.
  • Track
    Track™ is a contract cost control and compliance automation solution, reducing the costs of routine maintenance, turnarounds and outages. Track manages labor, material and equipment costs for T&M, lump-sum, and unit price contracts, while providing real-time information for project management.
  • WorkTech Time Time & Attendance
    WorkTech Time helps organizations reduce costs and increase their efficiency with flexible Time & Attendance and Absence Management software.
  • AllGoVision
    AllGoVision is a renowned Video Analytics Solution. With successful installation in more than 30 countries with the help of 100+ Channel Partners, AllGoVision has become a reputed name worldwide. Headquartered in Bangalore, the Silicon City of India, AllGoVision also has presence in UK, USA, UAE and Korea. AllGoVision is well-equipped with 50 plus Basic and Advanced Features of Video Analytics which find varied applications in Traffic Surveillance, Building Surveillance, City Surveillance, Business Intelligence across different Sectors. It has very effective solutions for Next Gen Video Analytics, like Intelligent Traffic Surveillance, Crowd Management, Perimeter Protection, Suspicious Incidences Detection, Retail Intelligence, Facial Recognition and Multi Camera solutions with high reliability and accuracy.
  • Density DPU
    Density DPU is a people counting and tailgating detection system.
  • NEC Enterprise Video Analytics (NEC EVATM)
    NEC Enhanced Video Analytics (EVATM) is a software platform that flexibly combines the components of video analytics including face recognition, behavior detection and attribute estimation to meet the needs and resolve the issues of customers.
  • Avigilon Control Center
    Avigilon Control Center (ACC) with High-Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM) captures, manages and stores HD multi-megapixel surveillance video while efficiently managing bandwidth and storage. ACC records and manages audio and video from Avigilon's broad range of multi-megapixel IP cameras- from 1 to 29 megapixels- and other leading manufacturer's equipment. ACC is also accessible remotely through the ACC Mobile application which allows users to view live and recorded HD surveillance video from any location with a wireless connection.
    ACC Alarm Gateway
    Avigilon Control Center captures, transmits, manages, stores, archives, plays back, and exports HD video while efficiently handling bandwidth and storage. Avigilon Control Center's modular, open architecture allows system designers to integrate Avigilon solutions with existing assets including analog and IP cameras, access control and other intrusion systems.
  • Bosch Video Recording Manager
    Video Recording Manager (VRM) centrally manages direct-to-iSCSI recordings from Bosch IP cameras and encoders. VRM is 2nd generation IP network video recording technology, replacing 1st generation NVRs. VRM eliminates the proliferation of NVR PCs, their OS, NVR and anti-virus software and is easier for IT to manage. VRM pools all available iSCSI RAIDs and automatically allocates storage on demand to IP devices, making it much easier for the installer to configure storage. To expand, add another iSCSI RAID to the network. The software acts as a "traffic cop" by distributing video across the storage devices. This delivers failover reliability and higher performance through load balancing.
  • Latitude VMS Event Plug-in
    The Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) is a fully scalable enterprise-class media management system. This advanced network based system architecture enables simultaneous live monitoring from multiple stations and is easily configurable for storage both on and off site.
  • Exacq Technologies exacqVision Server
    Customers can now use OnGuard access control and the Exacq Technologies Video with this interface. This will allow them to view live and recorded video through a single interface while tying alarms from both OnGuard and ExacqVision together.
  • United VMS
    The United Network Video Management System (NVMS) is a fully Scalable enterprise-class media management system. This advanced network based system architecture enables simultaneous live monitoring from multiple stations and is easily configurable for storage both on and off site. The software can be configured to store and to view from one to thousands of cameras and monitor connections across an unlimited number of servers.
  • Security Center Metadata Plugin
    The Security Center OnGuard Plugin is used to bring OnGuard access control events and metadata in Security Center Omnicast for real-time alerting and after-the-fact video searches.
    Genetec Security Center
    The Security Center is a unified security platform that seamlessly blends Genetec's IP security and safety systems within a single solution including Genetec's Omnicast IP video surveillance system.
  • GCore OnEvent
    The bidirectional interface G-Core/OnEvent enables connecting OnGuard system to GEUTEBRÜCK G-Scope systems.
    The recorder interface G-Core/OnView allows addressing and querying an unlimited number of licensed GEUTEBRUCK surveillance systems from the OnGuard management system. Based on the OpenVideo SDK specification the OnGuard system can control, present and monitor G-Core devices. Picture and alarm information can be queried and displayed via the OnGuard GUI. In addition, status and contact state information are exchanged accordingly.
  • IDIS Solution Suite
    IDIS Solution Suite is suitable for both large enterprise customers as well as smaller surveillance operations for home-security and small business. IDIS Solution Suite Compact provides an intuitive GUI for the installers unfamiliar with IT networks and the powerful recording features are available without license fees.
    IDIS DirectCX TVR
    DirectCX is a ‘HD over Coaxial’ solution. It is based on HD-TVI technology (High Definition Transport Video Interface) to leverage analog infrastructure for a seamless upgrade to 1080P surveillance solution. DirectCX is a hybrid system which supports 1080P and backward compatible with 960H including analog cameras.
    IDIS DirectIP NVR
    DirectIP NVRs record resolutions up to 720p or 1080p in real-time across all channels. The data throughput of the NVR allows an average of 10Mbps per channel. The NVR supports video inputs from DirectIP cameras, as well as certain Axis, Panasonic or ONVIF models. Compression is H.264 and video output is either via HDMI or VGA. The NVR can support multiple internal HDDs or eSATA-connected devices and has eight PoE supported RJ45 connections that support a direct connection to multiple PoE cameras. The NVR uses the FEN service which allows simplified 'one click' configuration for remote connectivity.
  • Infinova 2217 Security Management System
    Infinova V2217 Security Management System – Enterprise Video Management System software with a built-in video analytics module.
  • SecurOS
    Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) is an industry leader in enterprise video management, native video analytics, and central command and control. The ISS platform SecurOSTM provides extensive API/SDK options allowing for easy integration with access control, fire alarm, building automation, and virtually any other 3rd party system.
  • Airship Server 5.4.3
    Customers can now use Airship VMS in OnGuard applications to control live and recorded video. In addition they can receive live events in Airship’s Nexus Client.
  • March Networks Command
    March Networks Command VMS delivers advanced live monitoring, investigation and surveillance management features across IP and hybrid IP/analog environments. Whether the organization consists of one or several larger facilities and centralized in-house security, or many smaller distributed sites with networked security management, Command delivers the tools needed to improve coverage and responsiveness. March Networks Command software works with best-in-class IT servers or the family of hybrid NVRs. It also supports a complete portfolio of IP cameras, encoders and video analytics – allowing organizations to transition from traditional CCTV systems to IP video networking cost-effectively and at their own pace.
  • Milestone XProtect Access
    XProtect Access is an add-on product to Milestone’s XProtect VMS that enables you to integrate your access control system with your XProtect VMS. You can then control both your video cameras and your access control system from one centralized interface. XProtect Access works in installations of all sizes.
    Milestone XProtect
    XProtect Corporate, powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale, high-risk security deployments. With support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites, XProtect Corporate is aflexible software. For systems demanding complete situational awareness and immediate response time, XProtect Corporate offers interactive, multi-layered maps linked to alarms. Built-in support for XProtect® Smart Wall, Milestones video wall functionality, gives a comprehensive overview of installations and seamless command center control.
  • Video Insight VMS - VI Monitor Plus
    Video Insight is a powerful yet easy-to-use enterprise Video Management platform that allows organizations in education, law enforcement, healthcare, commercial, and transportation the ability to deploy a customized and robust security surveillance system. New to VI is its enhanced functionality with new plug-in architecture which allows even greater scalability and improved feature sets.
  • Pelco VideoXpert
    VideoXpert is a scalable video management solution, essentially consisting of three components: the Core, Media Gateway, and the Ops Center Client. The Core performs central management operations, maintaining the system database, administering user rights and permissions, routing traffic, and other central operations. The Media Gateway performs transcoding operations and handles requests for video. The Ops Center Client is the operator console.
  • Ocularis Event Proxy
    Ocularis, an innovative VMS platform, field proven at thousands of installations globally, drives breakthrough ease of use, resiliency, 3rd partner integrations and intelligent functionality.
    Versatile enough to fit any environment, NiceVision is an enterprise-class system that maximizes your video surveillance solution with unique video enhancement tools, integrated video analytics and an open, IT-friendly design that delivers extreme performance. VisionHub, NiceVision’s next generation video management software, takes these capabilities and expands them.
  • CompleteView
    CompleteView provides the flexibility to view, control, search, and export video from virtually any type of camera, from a single, easy to use and highly intuitive application. CompleteView gives system administrators the tools they need to monitor the status of any and all of the servers, add or remove users, change configurations on servers and clients, and push software out to all servers in their enterprise all from a single desktop application. CompleteView utilizes the latest technology for optimal performance in a virtual environment on internal, direct attached, or network attached storage as well as Storage Area Networks.
  • Verint Situational Awareness Platform
    Verint’s Situational Awareness Platform is a platform that captures information from a variety of security, safety, and other corporate systems, enables the fusion of the information for a user to view, correlate, and analyze the information to identify situations quickly and efficiently, and initiate and manage response to the situations in collaboration with local agencies.
  • EdgeVR
    Verint EdgeVMS Intelligent NVR’s are versatile network video recorders for capturing high-quality video images, with industry-leading interfaces to security, banking, retail, and on-board transportation systems.
    Verint Enterprise Video Management Software
    Verint Enterprise Video Management Software offers policy-based video distribution, networked video viewing, and investigation management to help security staff rapidly detect, act, and investigate security breaches and other threats. Automated video system health monitoring helps IT staff manage large, geographically distributed video operations and streamlines video system uptime to help ensure video availability.
  • Valerus VMS
    Valerus VMS is a full enterprise video management software.
  • Angus AnyWhere Visitor Security
    Fully integrated with Angus AnyWhere, a comprehensive suite of software for optimizing commercial real estate operations, the Visitor Security module provides a secure, web based, easy to use pre-visit registration process that eliminates the cumbersome paper visitor log-book and streamlines visitor access management.
  • Building Engines Visitor Access Manager
    Building Engines is a web-based suite of integrated modules that provides owners and managers of any property type with a comprehensive solution for improving operations and workflow management.
    The AwareManager is an integration property operations solution for owners, managers, tenants and vendors in the built environment. There is a cloud based core application, web portal, and dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • TrustVisitor 2.2
    TrustVisitor™ is a state of the art, enterprise visitor management platform designed specifically for Federal agencies who are utilizing HSPD-12/FIPS 201 physical access.
  • Envoy Visitors & Protect
    Envoy is transforming modern workplaces, challenging the status quo with innovations that make office life and work more meaningful. Envoy’s workplace platform has redefined how offices interact with employees and visitors, manage deliveries, and book conference rooms in over 14,000 locations and growing around the globe while building products for a new era of workplace experience.
  • Gatekeeper 1.3.0
    The Gatekeeper Interface for OnGuard actively synchronizes OnGuard Cardholders with Gatekeeper Identities. That means that new and modified Cardholder data will be pushed to Gatekeeper in real time. Furthermore, the interface has the ability to send events from Gatekeeper to OnGuard in the form of alarms. As a result, OnGuard users will always have a live look at events that are actively occurring within Gatekeeper, such as visits that have expired or that are logged by watchlisted Identities.
  • HID EasyLobby SVM
    EasyLobby SVM integrates with OnGuard to increase the overall security by enhancing the ability to process different types of visitors according to their unique access needs.
  • MRI Software Workspeed Visitor Management
    Workspeed Visitor Management is a Web-based application provides increased efficiency and control for managing visitor access to commercial buildings. Workspeed's user-friendly, web-based software enables tenants, property management, and building security to communicate in real time regarding expected visitors. All data is securely transferred over encrypted lines and no special software or hardware is required.
  • OCR Services
    Global EASETM is a web-based enterprise-wide solution to automate and manage your business process of requesting and applying for Licenses to Export and Import Compliance Department, Trade Tracking along with automated Restricted Party Screening solutions and much more. The Visitor Management Module enables corporations to implement a uniform and consistent corporate wide Visitor Management process and internal review policy for on-site visits to secure locations. The process allows for Export Compliance Officers and Facility Security Officers to ensure a complete review cycle of Visitor Requests for record-keeping and to comply with any regulations.
  • pb3 Platform
    pb3 Platform is a module combining hardware and software needed to automate the work of a receptionist by providing check-in, check-out, meeting information, location guidance and conference organization including room reservation and services ordering (taxi, catering, etc). In the backend it integrates with Groupware Calendaring, Access Control Systems, Building Automation, Telephony and Corporate Directory. In the front end it makes available web portals for receptionists, hosts, visitors, kiosks and digital signage as well as devices for badge dispensing and badge collection.
  • Proxyclick
    Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management platform creating millions of visitors globally in corporate offices around the world. This includes strategic partnerships for building the Integrated Visitor Experience. Proxyclick’s secure visitor management system interfaces with the OnGuard® access control system and helps companies better regulate visitor access into and around their OnGuard-secured buildings.
  • SPLAN Visitor
    Splan Visitor is an enterprise-centric and web-based Visitor Management solution to streamline visitor registration and sign-in process for any enterprise visitor management needs. With an elegant self-service KIOSK, this is a highly scalable, customizable and affordable solution to help customers to modernize and secure the office facilities.
  • Smart Spaces
    Smart Spaces allows occupiers of your building 360degree control of their space and working community.
  • TDS Visitor
    An industry-leading visitor management solution, providing for the full visitor lifecycle while delivering a single view of visitors to multiple locations across an organization.
  • Traction Guest
    Traction Guest, the leader in enterprise visitor management, empowers businesses across five continents and dozens of industries to make hosting visitors effortless, memorable and safe.

LenelS2 factory certification validates only the compatibility of the OAAP product with the LenelS2 OnGuard access control security system. LenelS2 makes no representations regarding the functionality or cybersecurity of any OAAP product.