Synchronize Access Codes in AirportICE with Access Levels in OnGuard.  Synchronize Readers in AirportICE with Readers in OnGuard.  Create new badges in AirportICE and provision them to OnGuard.  Add or remove Access Code assignments on badges in AirportICE and update OnGuard accordingly.  Disable or enable a badge in either AirportICE or OnGuard and synchronize the change in the other system.  Custom data mapping configurations allow for UDF support to transmit data from AirportICE to OnGuard User Defined Fields.  Last swipe data pull from OnGuard to AirportICE for analysis, reporting and automated business rule enforcement.

  • Create new cardholder records from AirportICE. 
  • Create new Badges for cardholders from AirportICE.
  • Create and modify Badge Pin numbers from AirportICE. 
  • Add / remove access levels from AirportICE. 
  • Update the badge status from AirportICE.   
  • Update configured user defined fields from AirportICE. 
  • AirportICE supports OnGuard Segmentation.
Product Information OnGuard Certifications
Name Model Version Middleware
AirportICE   8.0