Alutel Handheld

Alutel Mobility is a mobile control access system which uses a handheld that works as a mobile reader giving much more information about the access events than the standard readers. It sends to Alarm Monitoring the GPS position, the employee’s image and gives the opportunity of taking an event picture among other information. It has Custom Options on Alarm Monitoring: "Live Tracking" which let the end user know the position of the device anytime, anywhere, and "Event Information" which gives the access event information. "Historical Tracking" let you trace any handheld or vehicular GPS on a map to watch their trip. The reader of the handheld is dynamically modified according the card format definition set in OnGuard's System Administration. It also can send messages between the handhelds and OnGuard, can send different types of alarms (panic, low battery, max speed, log off reason and more). In case you forget to power off the handheld, it can be remotely powered off from Alarm Monitoring. All the reports from OnGuard are compatible with our handheld and we have another report that gives more information, like GPS position, employee and event images. The handheld reads barcodes and proximity badges (125 KHz & 13.56 MHz).

Alutel Handheld integration supports:

  • Access Levels
  • Cardholder Verification
  • Multiformat card reader including ICLASS
  • Card Formats
  • Time Zones
  • Holidays
  • Access Events
  • Custom Options
    • Live Tracking
    • Event Information
    • Historical Tracking
    • Set Max Speed for handhelds
    • Messaging
    • Alutel Mobility Report
OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
DataConduIT Maximum Number of DataConduIT Clients (SWG-1140) SWG-1140 One (1) DataConduIT license is required
Reader Maximum Number of Local Readers, Maximum Number of Readers for System Type, Maximum Number of Readers in Enterprise (for enterprise systems) Any part number that includes readers licenses License is per reader


OnGuard Certifications:
  OnGuard 7.0 OnGuard 7.1 OnGuard 7.2 OnGuard 7.3
Handheld 4.3