Amika Mobility Server

Amika Mobile has developed the world’s first WiFi-integrated emergency mass notification system that can auto-discover networked user devices and target alerts to their location individually, as a group or en masse. The Amika Mobility Server (AMS) is a software platform that can be installed for on-premise use or hosted services. It is fully scalable for both small and large deployments to hundreds of thousands of users.

The AMS simultaneously sends voice/text/image alerts to targeted groups and/or locations to a growing list of over 15 layers, including SMS, MMS, pagers, email, desktop/laptop/SmartPhone pop-ups, VoIP phones, Public Address (PA) systems, overhead displays, TV tickers, web pages, RSS newsfeeds, and Twitter. Alerts are initiated from a web-based secure operator console or automatically based on triggered sensor events. The AMS integration with OnGuard allows for automatic, disambiguated alerting based on dynamic event alerts including authorized/unauthorized facility access, fire panel triggers, gas sensors, detected motion triggered from cameras, etc. Dynamic per-event information received from OnGuard is incorporated seamlessly into the content of each alert. Single or multiple sensor alerts can be simultaneously handled. AMS captures, disambiguates, and manages disparate sensor events from devices such as doors, fire or gas monitors triggering targeted alerts to appropriate security groups or en masse for any location.

The AMS/OnGuard integration ensures people are found and alerted instantly in life-threatening or security-related situations, leveraging Amika Mobile’s unique patented device auto-discovery capability, without requiring pre-registration of email addresses or phone numbers in contacts lists. This is ideal for both enterprise applications where wired/WiFi networks are automatically discovered as well as public areas like airports, sports arenas, campuses, etc. The AMS ensures people are found in critical situations due to its unique patented wired/wireless device and network auto-discovery.

The AMS receives OnGuard events through OnGuard’s DataConduIT functionality.

OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
SNMP message queue Maximum Number of Message Queues (SWG-WSMQX),
Maximum Number of DataConduIT Clients (SWG-1140),
Maximum Number of SNMP Trap Message Queues (SWG-1485-X)
SWG-1485 One (1) license is required for message queue,
One (1) license is required for DataConduIT,
One (1) license is required for SNMP Trap message queue
OpenAccess OnGuard Subscription Software Module Partner Integration IPC-C306-AMIK001 One (1) license is required


Product Information OnGuard Certifications
Name Model Version Middleware
Mobility Server   6.9  
Mobility Server   6.7  

LenelS2 factory certification validates only the compatibility of the OAAP product with the LenelS2 OnGuard access control security system. LenelS2 makes no representations regarding the functionality or cybersecurity of any OAAP product.