Automated Logic (ALC)- WebCTRL

WebCTRL provides a software integration with the Lenel OnGuard platform, enabling Integrated Alarm Management and Predictive HVAC Scheduling.

The Integrated Alarm Management feature enables alarms from either platform to be transmitted to the other for native viewing in the platform UIs. The alarm transfer list is bidirectional and configurable. In addition, this add-on enables OnGuard emergency response action groups to extend their capabilities of available responses into systems controlled by WebCTRL using control logic triggered on transferred alarms. This capability enhances situational awareness across the facilities teams and improves event response coordination.

The Predictive HVAC Scheduling feature allows the WebCTRL system to utilize card access information to create anonymized building occupancy profiles, which are used to automatically and predictively schedule building HVAC equipment based on historical usage. These schedules ensure the building is operating only when it needs to, conserving energy and equipment run hours. Additionally, the predictions are dynamic and continuous, responding changes in usage patterns over time as opposed to a static one-time analysis.


Product Information OnGuard Certifications
Name Model Version Middleware
WebCTRL   v6.5 with DIP OnGuard Connector Service v1.07