BioConnect ID Enterprise

Choosing your access system is regarded as one of the most important security decisions you will make. Biometrics don’t need to be managed as a disparate system. BioConnect ID Enterprise makes it easy and cost effective to integrate the top biometric access control readers with Lenel's OnGuard software. With simple, secure and scalable features and functions, it is tailor-made for enterprises where verifying the true identity of people is critical for secure access to both physical facilities and software applications.  

What can BioConnect ID Enterprise do for you?

Simplify the Enrollment Process: Enroll user fingerprint, face biometrics, set minimum capture quality score and capture template on a card.

Speak to and Manage Hardware: Complete tasks such as firmware updates, add new devices, configure reader settings or set your enrollment readers.


  • Advanced Template Management  
  • Access Control Release Level Certification  
  • Face/Finger Device Certification  
  • Scalable Architecture 

The following readers are supported in the integration:

  • BioEntry W2
  • BioStation 2
  • BioEntry Plus
  • BioLite Net
  • BioEntry W (Supported but discontinued) 
  • BioStation T2 (Supported but discontinued) 
  • BioStation (Supported but discontinued)
Product Information OnGuard Certifications
Name Model Version Middleware
BioConnect ID Enterprise 3.6