Intellicheck Mobilisa Mobile Reader

The Intellicheck Mobilisa Mobile Readers for OnGuard are ruggedized, mobile, handheld computers that interface with the OnGuard System and reads RFID proximity cards, such as the Corp 1000 (IM2800h), and TWIC (IM2610/IM2620) for verification and access control. The  mobile readers can read barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFID and smart chips found on current forms of ID cards such as Driver Licenses, Identification Cards, Military IDs (CAC & Retired), TWIC, RFID badges and can expanded to read other facility IDs.
The integration supports:
Keep the Mobile Reader updated with cardholder and badges records in OnGuard. 
Changes to access level, badge id, and badge status are also updated at the Mobile Reader.
Reports access control events and metadata to OnGuard Alarm Monitoring
  1. Reads RFID proximity badges.
  2. Verifies a badge is registered within the OnGuard system.  A simple access granted / access denied is reported (green screen / red screen on the Mobile Reader).  The IM2800h can be configured to display badge id or Last Name.
  3. Allows security guards to log in to the Mobile Reader by simply swiping a badge with the appropriate access level.  This is a convenience so that the security guard does not need to use the stylus to manually enter the username and password before using the Mobile Reader.  This access level is created in OnGuard (System Administration / Access Levels) and is recorded within an Intellicheck Mobilisa configuration file. 
  4. Reads a custom badge number field from OnGuard to provide enhanced security in the event that a badge is forged.
  1. Reads TWIC and supports all TWIC verification Modes 1-4 and are TWIC QTL certified.
  2. Performs TWIC Modes 1-4 verification and displays verification result.
  3. Displays indicator for whether or not the TWIC is registered within the OnGuard system.
OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
DataConduIT Maximum Number of DataConduIT Clients (SWG-1140) SWG-1140 One (1) DataConduIT license is required
Reader Maximum Number of Local Readers, Maximum Number of Readers for System Type, Maximum Number of Readers in Enterprise (for enterprise systems) Any part number that includes readers licenses License is per reader
Intellicheck Mobilisa Intellicheck Mobilisa Mobile Reader v1.1 is certified with OnGuard 6.6 and 6.5.
Intellicheck Mobilisa Mobile Reader for OnGuard – PROX v1.4 is certified with OnGuard 6.4.500.