Micropower Helios

Solar powered and wireless surveillance system that includes a specialized low power surveillance camera, which can operate up to five days independent of power, with 3 hours of sunlight. Video is streamed wirelessly from the camera via a secure communications protocol, to a wired hub, and then to the Lenel NVR.

The integration supports:

  • Live and recorded video from Micropower cameras
  • Indicate offline status when camera is disconnected from the hub
  • Indicate offline status when hub cannot be accessed


OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
LNVR channels Maximum number of LNVR-Recorded Camera Channels (SW-LNR-CH1) SW-LNR-CH1 Part number is per 1 channel
Digital Video Application Digital Video Application (XXSDVXXX) SWS-DV or SWG-DV License required unless already activated in the license file


The following camera models are certified with:
  • OnGuard 6.6 and 6.5 with LNVR 7.0
Camera Type Camera Model Supported Encoding Firmware Version
Micropower Helios MPTC20S MJPEG 17.40