ACTi NVR 3 is an enterprise level video management system that provides a power surveillance video recording, viewing and operation via single desktop, remote client, and mobile device. The Windows-based software provides distributed network video surveillance solution with full functionality. This software supports centralized management, real-time monitoring and recording of up to 64 ACTi video streaming devices from local or remote network, with rule-based services to trigger multiple schedules and events.

The integration supports:

  • Import channels to OnGuard
  • Configure channels video setting – resolution, bit rate, frame rate
  • Live and Recorded video
  • PTZ control – camera presets, scheduler and Global I/O preset calls are supported
  • Motion detection events
  • VMS status events
  • Export video in RAW format
OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
Video channels Maximum Number of LDVR Camera Channels (DV-CH-XXX) DV-CH-8UP Part number is per 8 video channels
Digital Video Application Digital Video Application (XXSDVXXX) SWS-DV or SWG-DV License required unless already activated in the license file

ACTi NVR 3 v3.00 is certified with OnGuard 6.5 and 6.6.