Pelco Endura

Endura is a complete solution for high definition video encoding, recording, and display. Designed as an end-to-end system for the demands of professional IP video security, Endura guarantees interoperability and performance. And Pelco-patented EnduraStor and EnduraView technologies extract the optimum benefit from today's megapixel cameras while keeping system costs under control.

The integration supports:

  • Import cameras from Endura
  • Receive events (motion, analytics, alarms and relays) from Endura
  • View live and recorded video
  • Export video in AVI format
  • Take a JPEG snapshot of video
  • Event recording
  • PTZ and presets (including Global I/O and scheduler) 


OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
Video channels Maximum Number of LDVR Camera Channels (DV-CH-XXX) DV-CH-8UP Part number is per 8 video channels
Digital Video Application Digital Video Application (XXSDVXXX) SWS-DV or SWG-DV License required unless already activated in the license file


OnGuard Certifications:
  OnGuard 7.0 OnGuard 7.1 OnGuard 7.2 OnGuard 7.3
Endura 2.0