pivCLASS Registration Engine (PIVCheck Plus)

PIV/TWIC/CAC cardholder and card validation solution that enables enterprises and agencies to fully implement best practices described in NIST SP 800-116. pivCLASS Registration Engine (PIVCheck Plus) with Certificate Manager is a FIPS 201-certified caching status proxy.

PIV/TWIC/CACs are fully validated and the cardholder identity is biometrically verified using a single finger capture/match. Card data is then extracted and imported into OnGuard via DataConduIT. Once the card data is imported, pivCLASS Registration Engine (PIVCheck) Certificate Manager monitors the revocation status of the credential’s certificates and disables the card in OnGuard if a certificate is revoked.

The integration supports:
1. Extracts data from PIV/TWIC/CAC/FRAC cards (first name, middle initial, last name, photo, CHUID FASC-N and expiration date)
2. Adds a cardholder and badge record in OnGuard. The card’s extracted information listed above is sent to OnGuard to create a cardholder and badge record
3. Validates PIV/TWIC/CAC/FRAC cards when registering them into OnGuard (as an enrollment station)
4. Continuously validate the enrolled cards against a hotlist and check for expired and revoked certificates. The badge is deactivated if found in the hotlist and also if a certificate is expired or revoked

pivCLASS Registration Engine Desktop Edition with Certificate Manager
pivCLASS Registration Engine Mobile Edition with Certificate Manager

OnGuard License Requirements:
Component License Option Part Number Comments
DataConduIT Maximum Number of DataConduIT Clients (SWG-1140) SWG-1140 One (1) DataConduIT license is required

pivCLASS Registration Engine (PIVCheck Plus) v1.2 is certified with OnGuard 6.5, 6.4.500, 6.3.249.
pivCLASS Registration Engine (PIVCheck Plus) v1.1 is Certified with OnGuard 6.0.148 and 5.12.110.