Rendezvous Workspace

Rendezvous Workspace is a next generation room and resource scheduling solution designed to assist organizations with the efficient management of meeting rooms, desks, car parking and vended services such as catering, AV, IT and video conferencing. Built on the very latest .NET Framework, Rendezvous Workspace delivers a feature rich and simple to use experience that users need, combined with a reliability that organizations expect. Rendezvous Workspace delivers improved room and space utilization, lowers operating costs, provides a more efficient booking process and supports flexible working initiatives.
The integration supports:

  • Create Visitor Cardholder in OnGuard
  • Create Visit records in OnGuard
  • Modify Visit record in OnGuard
OnGuard License Requirements 
Component License Option Part Number            Comments
DataConduIT and Visitor Management  Maximum number of DataConduIT Clients (SWG-1140), Visitor Management Application (SWG-EV)  SWG-OITVM

One (1) DataConduIT license is required

One (1) Visitor Management Applicaiton license is required


Maximum Number of Visits for Visitor Management and DataConduIT VIsitor
1K - 1 M) 

SWG-OITVM-5     Unlimited number of visits 

NFS Hospitality Rendezvous Workspace v5.5 is certified with OnGuard 7.0.