SPLAN Visitor

Splan Visitor delivers intelligent and fully automated Next Generation Visitor Management Solution for small to large enterprises.

Splan Visitor is an enterprise-centric and web-based Visitor Management solution to streamline visitor registration and sign-in process for any enterprise visitor management needs. With an elegant self-service KIOSK, this is a highly scalable, customizable and affordable solution to help customers to modernize and secure the office facilities.

With the integration in place, customers can

  • Visitor registration can seamlessly integrate with the OnGuard access control system. Upon visitor check-in process, security can assign badges to the visitors with the appropriate access level. Visitor records are created in OnGuard Access control system.
  • On checkout process, de-provision the badges so that the badges can be re-used for other visitors.
  • Auto generate a badge number and provision with appropriate access levels, so that visitors can access the barcode/QR code enabled turnstiles, using the barcode/QR code provided to them.


Product Information OnGuard Certifications
Name Model Version Middleware
Visitor Management 4.6