VDG Security VDG Sense

With VDG Sense, you have control of all live images and stored video data, in a user-friendly interface.  It is scalable from just a few to a few thousand cameras and other connected devices.  Integration in any (video) security environment, and with any security device, is easy with our open platform with well-documented API and ONVIF support.

Key features of VDG Sense include:

  • Fully customizable layouts
  • Event-driven server and client macros
  • Motion-detected recording
  • Failover protection
  • Intelligent video content analysis, such as license plate, facial recognition, and object detection
  • Dual streaming and multicasting to reduce network loads


OnGuard Certifications:
  OnGuard 7.0 OnGuard 7.1 OnGuard 7.2 OnGuard 7.3
VDG Sense 2.4