ZKAccess Opera Reader Series

The Opera Reader Series consists of models OP-200 (fingerprint + card reader) and OP-400 (face + card reader).  Opera readers are next-generation biometric readers designed specifically for Lenel customers. Opera readers are the industry’s first biometric readers which communicate directly with OnGuard but without needing middleware. Not needing middleware means no costly middleware license to purchase nor time-consuming middleware downloads & configurations. Opera “master readers” automatically synchronize with OnGuard and all the Opera “slave readers” on the network. Simply put, Opera readers provide Lenel customers the fastest, easiest, least costly way to add biometric security to their buildings’ access points.

The integration supports:

  • Display OnGuard Cardholders in ZKAccess
  • Enroll OnGuard Cardholders in ZKAccess
  • Send events to OnGuard
  • Send online/offline status of ZKAccess readers to OnGuard
  • “Biometrically” authenticate at the door by fingerprint


OnGuard license requirements:


License Option

 Part number



 Maximum Number of DataConduIT Clients (SWG-1140) 


 One (1) DataConduIT  license is required


 Maximum Number of Local Readers, Maximum Number of Readers for System Type,  Maximum Number of Readers in Enterprise (for enterprise systems)

 Any part number that  includes readers licenses

 License is per reader


OnGuard Certifications:
  OnGuard 7.0 OnGuard 7.1 OnGuard 7.2 OnGuard 7.3
Opera Series 1.0