Lenel Professional Certifications

Lenel Professional Certifications


Certification not only ensures you're up-to-date with today's constantly changing technologies and industry best practices, but also gives potential customers proof of your skills, expertise and commitment to your profession. Lenel's four certification levels are meaningful and valuable indicators that can help maximize your competitive advantage.


Lenel Certification Levels

  • Lenel Certified Associate (LCA) - Entry-level certification representing foundational knowledge of the basic implementation of a Lenel electronic security system.
  • Lenel Certified Professional (LCP) - Represents advanced knowledge in at least one of the content-specific concentration areas.
  • Lenel Certified Expert (LCE) - Represents in-depth knowledge and expertise of all components in at least one content-specific concentration area.
  • Lenel Certified Design Architect (LCDA) - Represents the highest level of certification achievable and recognizes the architectural expertise of security system designers who can support the increasingly complex security needs of global organizations.


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